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The Show that Never Ends by Mike Cook

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Mike Cook was born in Scarborough in 1932. His family had connections with the railways and his uncle and cousin were both Top Link drivers on the LNER and BR respectively. Thus railways were in Mike's blood from an early age. His childhood was spent in Kirbymoorside, North Yorkshire, and later as a teenager he dabbled in Amateur Dramatics at the local society. He proved to be quite an actor, but his parents persuaded him to train as a teacher at St John's College, York. This eventually secured him a place teaching at Westfield Junior School, Acomb, York. And it proved to be that his career in teaching and his placement at Westfield led directly to him becoming the one and only - to date - organiser of the York Model Railway Show... and the rest, as they say, is history. And the rest of it all can indeed be found between the covers of his book...

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by Mike Cook

ISBN 0 9538448 3 8

This special title from Santona Publications recounts the history of the York Model Railway Show from its humble beginnings in Acomb Church Hall in 1962 to the major international event of today. The author tells the full behind-the-scenes story of how it has survived, often against seemingly impossible odds. He candidly reveals the personal struggles faced and recalls with amusement the lighter moments which have helped to build the event into an inspirational annual pilgrimage for thousands of railway modellers

Price £3.99
126 pp, 150 mm x 225 mm, soft bound with card cover, black and white photographs

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- To Begin at the Beginning
- Farewell Acomb - Hello City Centre
- A Pause for Thought
- Into the Seventies
- Apres Show (or What the Public Doesn't See
- Into the Eighties
- The Rough with the Smooth
- The Past Decade
- Who Turned the Lights Off?
- After the Storm.
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