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Model Railway Planning and Design Handbook - a comprehensive guide to layout planning

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Paul Lunn is noted for his model railway plan books, inspirational layout designs and 3D sketches. He has recently concentrated on the design of layouts which use sectional clip-together track and proprietary rolling stock and presents a fascinating and previously unpublished selection in this book.

Neil A Ripley is the designer behind the award winning layouts Walker Marine, Carlton Metals and Hospital Gates. He is attracted to unusual and off the beaten track prototypes. He presents a selection of his ideas based on industrial, dockland and light railway themes, with each one supported by a superb watercolour illustration of how the final layout might appear.

Ken Gibbons is a prolific designer and builder of layouts in 4mm scale and is best known for his small space British Rail 'Blue Era' schemes. Here he proposes a selection of contrasting designs as a means of representing the mainstream British Railway scene which make use of many of the recent state-of-the-art model releases.

Jack Burnard modelled in Gauge 1 and O Gauge and was well known as the designer of larger scale classics as Ravensbeck, Runswick Bay and Houghton Colliery. His liking was for busy entertaining layouts that are easily transportable. Jack was associated with Keighley and Sunderland clubs during his lifetime. He died aged 79 in 2016.

Steve Flint has been an active modeller for over 40 years and currently works as editor and photographer of RAILWAY MODELLER, the UK market leading model railway magazine. He has compiled this book and has contributed much of the photography and finished graphic artwork.

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by Paul A Lunn, Neil Ripley,
Ken Gibbons, Jack Burnard and
Steve Flint

ISBN 0 9538448 5 4

The world of Railway Modelling is changing rapidly, exciting new models are being released month by month, and there has never been a better time to get involved in the hobby.
Knowing exactly where to start is the key to achieving your goals and getting long-lasting enjoyment. This book is crammed with ideas and practical advice to help you do just that.
Aimed at the newcomer and the accomplished modeller alike, the emphasis is on planning layouts that are easily achievable within the constraints of modern busy lifestyles and the ever present hurdles of space, time and money.
The book also includes a varied selection of ready to use plans from small portable layouts through to larger permanent schemes for spare rooms, garages and attics. All skill levels are embraced too, with plans suitable for sectional track, flexible track or that which has to be handbuilt.

Price £18.95
96 pp, 215 mm x 283 mm, soft bound with card cover, full colour publication

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- The Design Process
- Easy to Build Layouts for Beginners
- Industrial Dockland and Light Railway Themes
- Contemporary Schemes for the British Railway Scene
- Exhibition Schemes for the Larger Scales
Below: Ken Gibbons writes about plans for D & E style layouts, similar to his 4mm scale Rhosnewyyd Jnct, illustrated here

Below: Superb 3D artistic impressions illustrate many of the layout plans in the book, Pirate's Wharf, one of Neil Ripley's dockland schemes is shown here

Below: All layout plans are drawn to scale and presented in full colour using state-of-the-art graphics
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