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Book Law acquires Santona

The Nottingham based railway, aviation, military and maritime book retailer, Book Law Publications, is taking over the interests of Santona Publications based in Hull and for the past 14 years run by the now editor of RAILWAY MODELLER, Steve Flint. The transfer will take place on 1st August 2008 when all Hull based sales, distribution and customer service operations will cease. All Santona titles currently in print will then be obtainable by direct mail order (letter or phone) or on-line from Book Law Publications via the contact details given below. Book Law is also acting as distributor and wholesaler of all Santona titles to the railway book trade and trade customers should now contact Book Law for supplies directly.

Commenting on the acquisition, Book Law manager and proprietor David Allen said that he was delighted to have the Santona brand within the firm's portfolio. "Santona has a reputation for high quality and inspirational railway modelling and reference titles." he added. In outlining his aims it was his intention to build on that reputation and expand the range of modelling related titles under the Book Law umbrella. "The two new titles already announced; Scottish Layout Themes by Ian Futers and Building Micro Layouts by Paul A. Lunn, will be available from ourselves under the Santona imprint by late 2008. We are also in discussions with new authors for further exciting releases in 2009 and beyond."

Former managing partner of Santona, Steve Flint, said that he was pleased to see the brand in good hands. "Book Law will be able to develop it in a way that was becoming increasingly difficult for me to achieve since I joined Peco Publications as northern correspondent and photographer back in 2002. Only two new modelling titles have been released since then and the various day-to-day operating issues and conflicting interests made the job ever more complicated. For instance, under Book Law, Santona titles will be available for purchase on-line, an aspect of operations that I was just not able to get organised during my tenure. Further, Book Law has a direct retail operation with a high street bookshop outlet and an exhibition trade stand operating at numerous model railway shows around the country, both these will significantly increase the availability of the titles in the public domain."

From 1st August 2008, all orders and enquiries for Santona titles should be directed to Book Law Publications, 382, Carlton Hill, Nottingham NG4 1JA. Tel: 0115 961 1066. Web site: www.booklaw.co.uk